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Strad Calendar 2016 - Cellos of the Stars
  • Stradivari, Gofriller, Montagnana, Guadagnini: some of the undisputed masters of cello making are showcased in The Strad Calendar 2016. Renowned for their tone quality and projection, these instruments are coveted by collectors, enthusiasts and – of course – the greatest cello players in the world today.
  • Featured in the Strad 2016 Calendar:
  • Antonio Stradivari ‘Mara’ cello 1711 played by Christian Polte´ra
  • Matteo Gofriller cello 1710 played by Alban Gerhardt
  • Antonio Stradivari ‘Fleming’ cello 1717 played by Sharon Robinson
  • G.B. Guadagnini ‘Baldner’ cello 1761 played by David Geringas
  • Antonio Stradivari ‘Castelbarco, Fau’ cello 1707 played by Jan Vogler
  • Domenico Montagnana cello 1729 played by Ralph Kirshbaum
  • Antonio Stradivari ‘Boni, Hegar’ cello 1707 played by Andreas Brantelid
  • Andrea Guarneri ‘Soyer’ cello 1669 played by Thomas Demenga
  • Antonio Stradivari ‘Barjansky’ cello 1690 played by Julian Lloyd Webber
  • Francesco Rugeri cello 1692 played by Richard Harwood
  • Domenico Montagnana cello 1720 played by Lynn Harrell
  • Brothers Amati cello 1622 played by Laurence Lesser
The 2015 Strad Caalendar marks The Strad's 125th anniversary by celebrating two of the greatest makers who ever lived: Antonio Stradivari and Giuseppe Guarneri 'del Gesú'. Each of the featured violins is a top player's principal performing instrument, and they include six from Stradivari's 'golden period'.
The instruments include the 'Vieuxtemps' Guarneri, currently the most expensive violin in the world; the 'Lipiński' Stradivari, sensationally stolen in early 2014 and then recovered; the 'Lord Dunn-Raven' Stradivari, once played by David Oistrakh and now owned by Anne-Sophie Mutter; and the beautiful 'Soldat' Guarneri, played by Rachel Barton Pine.
Featured in the Calendar:
Antonio Stradivari 'Lord Dunn-Raven' violin 1710 Played by Anne-Sophie Mutter
Antonio Stradivari 'Lipinski' violin 1715 Played by Frank Almond
Antonio Stradivari 'Marsick' violin 1715 Played by James Ehnes
Antonio Stradivari 'Gariel' violin 1717 Played by Nicola Benedetti
Antonio Stradivari 'Kochanski' violin 1717 Played by Pierre Amoyal
Antonio Stradivari 'Macmillan' violin 1721 Played by Ning Feng
Giuseppe Guarneri 'del Gesú' 'Lafont' violin c.1736 Played by Vadim Repin
Giuseppe Guarneri 'del Gesú' 'Panette' violin 1737 Played by Renaud Capuçon
Giuseppe Guarneri 'del Gesú' 'Lipiński' violin 1737 Played by Daniel Hope
Giuseppe Guarneri 'del Gesú' 'Vieuxtemps' violin c.1741 Played by Anne Akiko Meyers
Giuseppe Guarneri 'del Gesú' 'Soldat' violin 1742 Played by Rachel Barton Pine
Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesú 'Carrodus' violin 1743 Played by Richard Tognetti
Dimensions: 44 x 30cm (17 1/2 x 11 3/4 inches)
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