Strad Calendar 2016 - Cellos of the Stars
  • Stradivari, Gofriller, Montagnana, Guadagnini: some of the undisputed masters of cello making are showcased in The Strad Calendar 2016. Renowned for their tone quality and projection, these instruments are coveted by collectors, enthusiasts and – of course – the greatest cello players in the world today.
  • Featured in the Strad 2016 Calendar:
  • Antonio Stradivari ‘Mara’ cello 1711 played by Christian Polte´ra
  • Matteo Gofriller cello 1710 played by Alban Gerhardt
  • Antonio Stradivari ‘Fleming’ cello 1717 played by Sharon Robinson
  • G.B. Guadagnini ‘Baldner’ cello 1761 played by David Geringas
  • Antonio Stradivari ‘Castelbarco, Fau’ cello 1707 played by Jan Vogler
  • Domenico Montagnana cello 1729 played by Ralph Kirshbaum
  • Antonio Stradivari ‘Boni, Hegar’ cello 1707 played by Andreas Brantelid
  • Andrea Guarneri ‘Soyer’ cello 1669 played by Thomas Demenga
  • Antonio Stradivari ‘Barjansky’ cello 1690 played by Julian Lloyd Webber
  • Francesco Rugeri cello 1692 played by Richard Harwood
  • Domenico Montagnana cello 1720 played by Lynn Harrell
  • Brothers Amati cello 1622 played by Laurence Lesser
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