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Realist Docking Station Universal Volume Attenuator
Catalog ID: ELREA430B
The Realist Docking Station Universal Volume Attenuator, designed by David Gage and Ned Steinberger, is an easy-to-use dock and volume knob that works with any acoustic Upright String Double Bass pick-up allowing the bassist to adjust volume on-the-fly. This no-fuss dock installs to the tailpiece without fasteners. Simply loosen the strings, mount, and tighten. It also features "The Jack-Pott", a potentiometer that allows the resistance to be bypassed entirely. The Docking Station solves jack mounting problems by dressing the cable away neatly from the 1/4" output without additional hardware. The Realist Docking Station Universal Volume Attenuator for upright bass pickups is an elegant solution answering the nagging bassist question: Where do you mount the jack for your pickup?
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List Price: $110.00